The Mile One Manifesto

Collage of Mile One Eating House Pemberton Restaurant photos

An Updated Manifesto, explaining How the Rules of Our Table Are Evolving:

Yes, we do take comfort food seriously.

We believe in the Slow Food movement, in only serving ocean-wise seafood, in fields lying fallow, in craft and culture – and that means that increasing production is not the overriding goal in all things, that working faster and harder and turning more tables isn’t the be-all and end-all that defines our success at Mile One Eating House.

We align ourselves with the artisans and makers and craftspeople who want to do what they do as a way of life, and that means that sustainability has to be folded into everything.

As a small family-run business, 20 people strong, we want our patrons to feel familiar and well-cared for, because of the quality of food and service they experience here. And we want our team to go home proud and inspired by what they delivered, not too worn out to get together in the kitchen afterwards and try the newest craft beer, or sample a cheese platter from one of our suppliers, and start daydreaming up tomorrow’s menu.

We believe in cultivating demand, through quality and consistency – but not capitulating to it. We’re grateful to have such demand for our offering. But we are driven first by our vision – which is the thing that we believe brings people here in the first place. If we let the demand overwhelm and begin to drive things forward, the line falls apart and it’s a downward spiral towards fast food, instead of holding the line and continuously delivering the best craft-filled, passion-fuelled comfort food we can offer.

And that’s what we’re here to do.

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