With diners looking to enjoy the Mile One experience at home, The Market at Mile One launched with a curated variety of BC-crafted and harvested artisanal foodie products. From meats and cheeses to baked goods, and many other items in between, The Market gives shoppers the opportunity to take the same high quality BC products home.

Mile One Inspired Grocery Line

Mile One’s aspiration to develop a new platform for groceries started in 2019, at a time when comfort food was being craved more than ever. Co-founder and creative mastermind, Randy Jones, wanted to create a grocery line that mirrored Mile One’s crafted west coast culinary approach with BC ingredients. “The recipes we created for Mile One Inspired Grocery are a melting pot of our ideas on what food should be; locally sourced, ethical, with wholesome ingredient lists, chef driven, approachable, nutritious, and comforting,” says Jones. “We are currently brainstorming new additions to the summer offering and growing the availability of Mile One Inspired Grocery at other like-minded establishments around BC and online.”

Meat Pie - The Market at Mile One Eating House Pemberton Restaurant

The Inspired Grocery line serves up a ready-to-eat menu of locally sourced, ethical, and delicious comfort food including BC Ranch Beef Chili, BC West Coast Chowder, Potato and Lentil Curry Pie and Grilled Chicken and Smoked Corn Pie.

Shop Inspired Groceries locally in store and online at The Market at Mile One in Pemberton,  or through our growing list of retail partners across the province.

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