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In 2017, Mile One owners Randy Jones and Cindy Yu, purchased a century-old ranch in the rugged Chilcotins. Their goal was to introduce a herd of cattle that would enjoy an all-natural, grass-fed diet that the Mile One chefs would be able to take utilize on the Mile One menu. And so, the Hanceville Cattle Company was born.

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Purveyors of Grass Finished Beef

Committed to Quality BC Beef

There are three main reasons why you should choose grass finished beef:

It's Better for the Cattle
It's Better for You
It's Better for the Environment

Chilcotin Country

Hanceville Cattle Company is located in Hanceville, in the heart of Chilcotin Country in southern central British Columbia, Canada. It's still very reminiscent of a historical, authentic, frontier region being relatively sparsely populated or uninhabited.

The cattle range seasonally on about 60,000 acres of wild Chilcotin landscape. Our range lands are located in Hanceville & North of Alexis Creek. These vast lands vary in elevation & topography. Grasslands, forests, meadows, lakes & rivers make up the land, with an abundance of wildlife that our range cattle coexist with. Fresh clean air, endless water, wild forage, and an instinctual ability to thrive in this wild space produce amazing cattle.

Range in the Chilcotins - Hanceville Cattle Company

Our Cattle Breeds

The cattle breeds that we handle have been chosen for the environment that we live in. Chilcotin can be harsh country and our focus is on those hearty breeds that can transform the native forage into a high-quality, fully grass finished beef.

Black Angus - Hanceville Cattle Company

Black Angus

Scottish Highland

Belted Galloway - Hanceville Cattle Company

Belted Galloway

All Natural Unpasteurized Honey

The blooming alfalfa flowers within our hay fields, along with other wild flora, offer an amazing environment for honey bees to thrive. We can see how the relationships between flora, bees, and cattle can truly be mutually beneficial. Our bees pollinate the local flora to provide a nutritious food source for the cattle, the cattle provide a natural fertilizer to promote the growth of the flora. the flora is a vast buffet of nectar and pollen for the bees, and the honey production is abundant and pristine.

all natural honey - Hanceville Cattle Company

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