Best Things to Do in Pemberton | Copper Cayuse Outfitters - May 2021

If you are planning to explore Pemberton BC, get ready to fall in love! Our small village municipality is 33km north of the famous Whistler, BC and is bursting with incredible things to do that will leave your heart fluttering. Summer and Fall are the best seasons to experience Pemberton’s outdoor adventures on land, water, and sky, taste farm-to-table food from the valley meadows, and witness a “picture perfect” backdrop that rivals the Alps. When we say “picture perfect”, we mean it! Pemberton BC has hosted numerous Hollywood film crews set out to feature the spectacular Mount Currie that overlooks the town.

Lunch at Mile One Eating House Pemberton Restaurant

Best Of Pemberton 2020 | Pique Newsmagazine - July 2020

By: Brandon Barrett

In what is perhaps the understatement of this young century: 2020 has been a doozy. Between a global pandemic rewriting how we live and interact and the long-overdue demands for social, economic and racial equality taking hold in societies near and far, it can feel trivial to celebrate something as minor as, say, our favourite bike trail or breakfast spot.

But times of turmoil have a way of reminding us of the things we hold most dear, and in the face of such wide-scale, overwhelming disruption, it’s often the little things—a meal shared with someone you love, a peaceful walk through nature—that ground us the most, that connect us and remind us that, Hey, we’re all riding this strange rollercoaster together.

Best of Pemberton 2020

BC Meets Morocco For Night Kitchen Icon Series | Pique Newsmagazine - February 2020

By: Brandon Barrett

When the Mile One Eating House team was coming up with a theme for the restaurant's latest dinner series, it was decided that iconic British Columbian foods would be the main focus. Just don't expect BC Rolls and Nanaimo bars to be the exclusive domain of the wide-ranging Night Kitchen Icon Series, which returns to the beloved Pemberton eatery this week.

Even If I Were a Billionaire I Would Still Eat This | - November 2019

By: Chuck Woodbury

I have written a few essays through the years about my eating habits, but not lately. Specifically, I have discussed my addiction to foods with cheese, especially Macaroni and Cheese. If I were forced to eat Kraft Macaroni and Cheese six days out of seven, I wouldn’t mind — not a bit. I might even ask for it on the seventh day if it wasn’t formally on the menu. Otherwise, I would likely eat a burrito.

All that said, and while I am on the subject, there is a little place in Pemberton, British Columbia.....

Best of Pemberton 2019 | Pique Newsmagazine - July 2019

IN MANY WAYS, Pemberton is the best parts of two seemingly disparate worlds. Pembertonians take pride in the community's small-town feel, while taking full advantage of the abundance of awe-inspiring natural and recreational opportunities—without the gobs of visitors that clog neighbouring Whistler. This fine-tuned balance between farm town and recreational hub is a recurring theme year in and year out of Pique's Best of Pemberton readers' poll. Voters continue to appreciate the neighbourhood haunts and watering holes that make up the fabric of the community, while recognizing the change the town is undergoing.

There's plenty worth celebrating in the Spud Valley—and the list just keeps growing. You'll notice a few changes to Best of Pemberton this year. Along with adding several new categories—including the inaugural Environmental section—we've decided to profile a handful of winners from each section to give you greater insight into what makes Pemberton tick

Best Burgers in the Sea to Sky | Mountain FM

On National Burger Day, our local radio station has put the call out to find who makes the best!

Wondrous Whistler | Westlake Malibu Lifestyle

By: Cathy Fedoruk

Whistler, British Columbia has been an outdoor-enthusiasts’ playground for over a century. When I was a girl in the 1980s, my family drove the scenic 75-miles for day trips from Vancouver, stopping along the way for a picnic at the magnificent Shannon Falls, a tour of Brittania Beach Copper Mine Museum, or to simply admire the Stawamus Chief, a giant granite monolith. My family tradition now continues with my husband and our two sons, as we spend summer and winter breaks in Creekside Village, home to Whistler’s first gondola. It was a smaller place back in the 1980s. Today, the Peak 2 Peak Gondola, the highest and longest lift in the world, conjoins two mountains, Whistler (7160 feet) and Blackcomb (8000 feet) creating the largest ski and mountain bike resort in North America.

Why Stop at Whistler on a Drive North From Vancouver | The Globe and Mail

The 90-minute drive along the Sea-to-Sky Highway between Vancouver and Whistler might be familiar to many. But another 30 minutes north is Pemberton, the gateway to stunning natural splendours and winding roads.

A half-dozen hairpin turns are your first clue that this isn’t the tourist-choked Sea-to-Sky Highway any more. Not that the ski resorts of Whistler aren’t charming places, it’s just that they look best in the rearview mirror. If you truly want to explore British Columbia, you’re going to have to go just that little bit farther, and head for Duffey Lake Road.

Best of Pemberton 2018 | Pique Newsmagazine

In the heart of Pemberton sits a train station right out of a spaghetti western movie, which, aside from creating a bit of ambience, is a lasting reminder of just how far the town has come—and how quickly.

Yet despite all the growth and change, Pemberton has held onto its agricultural identity, while evolving into a very cool place to live, work and play. You can now get a cup of world-class coffee in town but still walk away feeling like you're in the country, never more than a five-minute drive from a working ranch or farm.

That mix of old and new is a huge draw. Pemberton is firmly on the map for a lot of reasons besides its incredible produce.

Introduce Yourself to Cool Eateries | Right Sizing Magazine

Pemberton is famous for its potatoes. This spectacularly sunny spot north of Whistler grows nearly 30 varieties, including Yukon Golds, Russian Blue, White Rose, and Eramosa. "Pemby", as it's affectionately known, is also home to Mile One Eating House, which takes comfort food to the next level.

My Neighbourhood: Pemberton Valley | Western Living Magazine

Designer and artist Martha Sturdy shares her favourite Pemberton haunts. When she needs a break from designing the gorgeous resin platters and sculptures that have become ubiquitous signifiers of good taste, Martha Sturdy doesn’t head too far afield. Her getaway from her False Creek studio lies just up the Sea-to-Sky Highway, in the Pemberton Valley.

Mile One Eating House, Pemberton Power | Montecristo Magazine

Pemberton power. Located at the gateway of the Pemberton Valley at the base of majestic Mount Currie, Mile One Eating House has been part of this century-old farming village since 2010. With a recent albeit unconventional expansion, husband-and-wife proprietors Randy Jones and Cindy Yu are perfecting the local comfort food experience. It is worth the 30-minute trip north of Whistler to visit this local foodie extravaganza set in an historical pioneer-like environment. The stars of Mile One’s show are its burgers...

Prettiest Places in North America to Experience Fall |

Oh yesss, it's pumpkin season! With a hot spiced latte in hand and a warm scarf around your neck, you’re more than ready for fall. Heck, we know you’ve been secretly counting down the days until you could watch “Hocus Pocus” for the millionth time and go for long walks around the pretty foliage. With that said, we know more than a few places in North America where you can enjoy autumn to the fullest. Here are some of the best towns in North America to experience fall.

Field Trip Up the Sea to Sky |

“FieldTrips” is either a day trip or a few days where I visit food areas of interest which may include farm visits, producers, wineries, restaurants and/or other places that people can visit. This is about offering Vancouver Foodster readers a chance to get out of town and take a “Field Trip” for the day or a few days to explore, learn, taste and experience. After Honda Canada offered me a 2017 Honda CRV Touring to test drive for a week, I spent one of the days driving up the picturesque Sea to Sky (Highway 99). It is amazing how much one can do and see in a day away from Vancouver. It was a beautiful sunny summer’s day, left Vancouver early in the morning, after a 40 minute drive North from Vancouver, my friend Lawrence and I arrived...

The Best of Pemberton 2017 | Pique Newsmagazine

We are a society that tosses around the word awesome a lot. Those mountains are awesome. This meal is awesome. The cowboy who passed me on the street smiling was pretty awesome. Damn, these organic potatoes are awesome. But what does it actually mean? We decided to dig into the matter. When you gaze up at Mount Currie, you've likely felt a reverence for nature, maybe even a bit of fear, when you internalize just how small you are. When your burger at Mile One arrives, you may have felt admiration for something so simple, done so right (and priced so... humanely).....

Canada 150? How About 150 Great Places in BC | BC Hydro

From heli-hiking, to hotsprings, to honey tastings, BC has it all.

Sometimes we forget what's in our own backyard. Or we don't even know it's there. As part of the spirit of Canada's 150th birthday, why not take some time to discover fun-beautiful-wonderful things that may be just a few minutes down the road, or as part of an epic road trip acoss BC? To help you out we've picked the brains of our community team and others at BC Hydro for mostly lesser-known gems you may not have heard about, or maybe just never paid much attention to.

5 BC Getaways That Boast Great Food | The Georgia Straight

Vancouver loves to boast about its outstanding restaurant scene, and sure, we're spoiled here with our diverse dining options.

Those who are so obsessed with food that they have cookbooks on their bedside table and like to think about what to have for dinner during breakfast (hello) may worry that heading out of town will mean food that pales in comparison, a nonstop buffet of chicken tenders and subpar sandwiches.

But fret not, Vancouverites: there are some fine culinary experiences to be had far beyond our city limits.

Road Trip: Top 5 BC Diners Near Vancouver | HelloBC Blog

Road trips are usually punctuated by diner stops — homey, convivial greasy spoons that fuel the tank for the road ahead. But what if a diner was itself a destination, and cheap and cheerful weren’t the only criterion for on-the-road eats? These five options, near Vancouver, may encourage you to get it in gear.

Pemberton’s rugged mountain landscapes have long drawn adventurists, not to mention those who are hungry for local eats. Mile One (signalling the beginning or end of a journey) is just the spot to fuel outdoor play, thanks to hearty comfort food that showcases the region’s ranchers, farmers, brewers and distillers. The Natural Beef Burger Collection (eight in all), topped with everything from local cheese curds to red-wine-soaked apples, will make any burger fan swoon, while an impressive selection of carbs, including inventive mac ‘n’ cheese and poutine offerings, prove ideal pre- or post-hike.

Pemberton: Hike, Bike and Eat in the Valley of the Locavores | Vancouver Sun

Just two-and-a-half hours from Vancouver up the Sea to Sky highway, tiny Pemberton makes a perfect base for a weekend of hiking, biking, fishing, hot springs, golf and — thanks to the surrounding valley’s local bounty — plenty of sipping and sampling as well.

Dinner? At Mile One Eating House, restaurateurs Randy Jones and Cindy Yu shop locally for their upscale comfort food, from burgers made with Pemberton Meadows’ natural beef to fries made from Pemberton Valley potatoes, of course. A retail shop on site is a great place to stock up on hard-to-find regional treats.

Mile One Sweeps the "Best of Pemberton 2016" | Pique Newsmagazine

Pembertonians are serious about their food and beverage because we work hard and play hard, building up healthy appetites and serious thirsts. Here's a list of where we like to refuel, starting out with The Mile One Eatery.

As you've probably already ascertained, this is one popular joint, cited as the best value for your money (especially if it's your last $20), a great place to view Mount Currie, cure a hangover, have a pint, enjoy a steak, grab some takeout, have dessert, enjoy a patio and experience great customer service. So it's not surprising that once again Mile One, winning 17 awards overall, sweeps the food and beverage section.

Food with a View: Sea to Sky’s 5 Must-Visit Eateries |

On the patio, with the in-your-face 2,591-metre Mount Currie in, well, your face… enjoy a burger made with house-fresh buns, hormone- and steroid-free natural beef pastured just up the road, and potato wedges from spuds grown here on a local family farm. (They don’t call Pemberton ‘Spud Valley’ for nothing.)

The Wellness Almanac: When the best place to be is in the kitchen - being cooked for | Whistler Question

Technically, I'm a vegetarian. Have been for over 20 years. Pretty much since I was in a position to say "This is what's going into my body, and this is not," I've taken a left turn at eating anything that used to have a heartbeat.

But when Chef Randy Jones says "try this" and slides a plate of tuna, mussels or duck confit before me, I eat. I am surprised at  myself. But I eat. Careful trepidatious bites.

Delicious, delicate, flavour-filled bites. And I am blown away.

Restaurant review: Mile One showcases Pemberton Valley’s bounty |

If you were one of the 115,000 at the Pemberton Music Festival in July, you might have encountered Mile One Eating House on the town’s main drag.

I discovered it in another rock’n’roll way. Coming down from a hike at beautiful Wedgemount Lake, some rock hoppers above us unleashed a ballistic boulder just as my foot wedged awkwardly between rocks (not the reason it’s called Wedgemount). The rolling rock lost interest in bowling me over and stopped a few feet away. Afterwards, a Mile One burger was the perfect reward I thought I deserved.

Your Mission Completed: The Best of Burgers | The National Post

We were joyously submitted to Gastropost in the Vancouver Sun edition by Jessica Chen @jessicayjchen for our beloved Oyster Burger.

Mile One Eating House Sweeps "Best of Pemberton 2015" | Pique Newsmagazine

If current trends keep up, this section might soon be renamed the Mile One Eating House awards." Braden Dupuis says from this year's Pique News Magazine's Best of Pemberton Edition.

For the fourth year in a row, Mile One has taken home the lion's share of food-related awards in the Best of Pemberton.

This year's honours include: Best Overall Eatery, Best Value, Best Burger, Best Beer Selection, Best Breakfast, and Best Service. Randy Jones, co-owner of Mile One along with his wife Cindy Yu, also won Best Chef.

Chef's Choice Randy Jones of Mile One Eating House | Pique Newsmagazine

Mile One Eating House Wild & Tame Mac'n Cheese

Chef Randy Jones of Pemberton's Mile One Eatery is keen to emphasize that his restaurant's successes come down to teamwork.

"There's no question that Cindy (Yu, his wife and co-owner) and I had a vision of what we wanted Mile One to be and how it fit into the Pemberton community, the ingredients we wanted it to be, and how we wanted to reflect regional B.C. style food offerings," Jones said.

As the restaurant, which is now in its fifth year, has evolved and grown, team effort is what is most important, he adds.

The Best Little Farm-to-Table Town in Canada | Yahoo! Travel

This is Pemberton, British Columbia, and it doesn’t get much more deliciously small town. Pemberton is about half an hour from Whistler, with Mount Currie standing tall in the background, topped with snow — a beautiful backdrop to the block-long downtown dotted with neighborhood staples like Mount Currie Coffee and Mile One Eating House. Tracks bisect the area, but the train doesn’t stop here anymore.

Mile One Eating House | Sherman's Food Adventures

Despite being featured on Food Network's "You Gotta Eat Here", I was not familiar with Mile One Eating House out in Pemberton.  It wasn't until my ride up to Araxi's long table dinner that it finally appeared on my radar.  Suggested by our awesome driver, it suddenly became priority number one on my visit to Whistler the week after.  Besides, with 5 kiddies in tow, finding a place where the food is both plentiful and reasonably-priced was important.  So instead of driving 10 minutes into Whistler Village, we headed North for 20 minutes to sleepy Pemberton.

Randy Jones - Mile One Eating House Chef | Global News

Cornucopia, Whistler’s food and drink festival, gets underway in just a couple days. This morning, participating chef Randy Jones made mushroom and kale gomae.

Backyard Getaways - Sea to Sky Country | HelloBC

Celebrate BC’s Bounty at Mile One Eating House

Just a short drive up the Sea to Sky Highway from Whistler lies a thriving agricultural community and outdoor enthusiast’s dream that is home to one of the region’s best casual dining experiences. The locally owned and operated Mile One Eating House...

Mile One Eating House | You Gotta Eat Here!

Season 3, Episode 23

The mountain scenery is as impressive as the food at Mile One Eating House Pemberton, BC.  There, host John Catucci gets his cheese pull on with an elk, wild mushroom and asparagus dish called the Wild & Tame Mac & Cheese, and chows down on a Discovery Bay caught Outlandish Oyster Burger.

Backyard Getaways: A new view along the Sea to Sky

Further up the Sea to Sky Highway is Pemberton, a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and food lovers.

The Mile One Eating House is a good choice for high-quality comfort food, including gourmet burgers, sandwiches and poutine.

Several years ago we travelled to British Columbia. During our trip west we made a stop in Pemberton to visit family and friends and fell in love. Beyond the beauty of a valley surrounded by mountains and crisscrossed by clear rivers, beyond ranches and wildlife and towering trees, beyond one of the most beautiful places in Canada, we found … the best burger in the history of hamburgers.

Mile One Eating House Sweeps "Best of Pemberton 2014" | Pique Newsmagazine

Mile One Eating House, the best place in town for a beer and burger, received an unprecedented 13 awards in this year’s Best of Pemberton. The first restaurant you see on your way into town, Mile One has won glowing reviews in New York Magazine, The Globe and Mail and the august journal that you’re holding. Soon to be featured on Food Network’s “You Gotta Eat Here!”

The Best Burger in the History of Hamburgers |

Several years ago we traveled to British Columbia. During our trip west we made a stop in Pemberton to visit family and friends and fell in love. Beyond the beauty of a valley surrounded by mountains and crisscrossed by clear rivers, beyond ranches and wildlife and towering trees, beyond one of the most beautiful places in Canada, we found … the best burger in the history of hamburgers.

Several years ago we traveled to British Columbia. During our trip west we made a stop in Pemberton to visit family and friends and fell in love. Beyond the beauty of a valley surrounded by mountains and crisscrossed by clear rivers, beyond ranches and wildlife and towering trees, beyond one of the most beautiful places in Canada, we found … the best burger in the history of hamburgers.

You Gotta Eat Here! 12 Restaurants That Are Worth the Drive From the Big City |

You Gotta Eat… the Wild and Tame Mac and Cheese Mile One serves six different types of mac and cheese; this one’s a true original with mushrooms, elk chorizo and fresh asparagus……..

Spring Travel 2014 | New York Magazine

Mile One Eating House, the juicy burgers are made with Pemberton Meadows beef and the rolls come from the around-the-corner Blackbird Bakery.

The Twelve Appetizers of Christmas | Pique Newsmagazine

The holiday culinary adventure this week starts with Randy Jones of Mile One Eating House in Pemberton. He likes to use left-over turkey in poutine. His dish, he says, works well on Boxing Day for lunch or as an afternoon snack…….

Special Holiday Travel Report | The Globe and Mail

Where to eat:  In Pemberton, stop at Mile One Eating House for gourmet burgers at near fast food prices, a fantastic selection of local beers, and six B.C. wines on FreshTAP.

Best Burgers | 604 Pulse

This gem of a restaurant features mouth-watering local ingredients. I’m partial to the Mile One Burger which includes Blue Buck beer braised onions, Pemberton Meadows natural beef and a bun from the Blackbird Bakery just down the street. Consider trying the Stump Grinder (a BC mushroom burger) and the Hillbilly Deluxe (an elk chorizo burger) as well!

Best of Pemberton 2013 | Pique Newsmagazine

BEST Burger; BEST Takeout; BEST Service & BEST Chef!  There are seven burgers to choose from at Mile One. The ingredient list of extras includes Happy Days Okanagan Goat Cheese, fire roasted red bell peppers and B.C. mushrooms…….

Mile One Eating House awarded prestigious TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

This prestigious award, which places Mile One Eating House in the top-performing 10% of all businesses worldwide on TripAdvisor, and is given to businesses that consistently earn high ratings from TripAdvisor travelers.

My Best Road Trip Meals of 2012 | Marathon Mouth

Best Comfort Food: Mile One Eating House (Pemberton, British Columbia).  Mile One has killer burgers, but I quickly switch gears when I see the menu features an astonishing six choices of macaroni and cheese…

A Day in British Columbia with Nathan Fong | Real Baking with Rose Levy Beranbaum

Five minutes drive from the farm, Nathan pulled up to the: Mile One Eating House in the town of Pemberton saying: “here’s where we’ll eat lunch.” “I thought we already ate lunch.” I protested in a near whisper, but when he told us about the macaroni studded with 3 varieties of mushrooms, chorizo, cheddar and another regional cheese I succumbed immediately (it was irresistibly luscious).

RV Road Tripping in British Columbia on the Coast to Mountain Circle Route | Wanderlust and Lipstick

We stayed at the Pemberton Valley Lodge, a resort hotel with an outdoor lap pool in a very majestic setting, and dined at the Mile One Eating House where we had our first introduction to the Pemberton Potato, the main ingredient in locally made Schramm Vodka from the Pemberton Distillery.

Best of Pemberton 2012 | Pique Newsmagazine

Best Restaurant — Mile One Eating House.  There’s a new number one in Pemberton this year. In its second year of operation, the Mile One has thrown it down and the people of Pemberton have indicated their new favourite eatery is at the corner of Highway 99 and Portage Road…”

See also “Best Value”, “Best Burger”, “Best Chef”, “Best Takeout” and “Best Quote – Get Well Fed!

Summer in Whistler: From Cuisine to Cycling | Toronto Sun

Say you’re going to Whistler in the summer or fall and people question what you’ll do there. If you’re not skiing, they wonder, what is there to do in the British Columbia mountain village?

For an adventurous traveler who appreciates the charm and sophistication of gourmet restaurants and quirky shops…

10 Best Places to Eat, Drink and Experience Whistler |

Still basking in the glow of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, this easygoing West Coast village has always been a haven for thrill seekers with a taste for the good life. Whether it’s a five-star feast with a bottle of sabred champagne or a local burger and brew, you’re as likely to have a great adventure in one of Whistler’s restaurants and bars as you are on its mountaintops…

On the Food Trail from Whistler to Pemberton |

In British Columbia, the local, organic food movement is hugely popular.

With its abundance of seafood, temperate climate for fruits in the Okanagan Valley and gourmet restaurants and food trucks, it’s no wonder culinary tourism is a big draw in the province, especially so, as I discovered today, in Pemberton…

Highway 99’s Sweetest Spots | Vancouver Magazine

If you've not driven up the Sea-to-Sky lately, you’ll find that much has changed. We asked five insiders to tell us about their favourite spots…

Gear We Like: The Mile One Burger | Mountain Life Magazine

Yes, we do consider this burger as ‘gear’. Why you ask? Well, like any good piece of gear, you can rely on this burger to get the job done. After a day of earning your turns up on the Duffey, there is no better way to quell your hunger pangs than this.

Reviews |

“Cheesesteak in Pembie? Oh yes! Mile One makes a mouth-watering one piled high…. Made us feel right at home! Pemberton hits the mark once again…”

“best burger EVER!”

“best veggie burger I've ever had”

“OMG I just had the Crispy North Cove Oyster burger and it is to “live for”! I have never had a fried oyster this good in Louisiana, Seattle, Cortez Island…”

Reviews |

“My wife’s salad was very good (the best she’s had in the two weeks we've been traveling and eating out daily), and I loved my mac&cheese with two bratwursts. The food was largely sourced locally (the chef knew where each meat had come from – I wonder if he had been able to name the animals…) and tasted real.”

“….we eat there every time we go to Pemberton. Sometimes twice! ”

“Sitting here at the moment staring out the window towards the mountains across the road. Just had the BLT burger with homemade wedges, I would say the best meal I have eaten in Canada in the 3 months I have been here so far.”

Review | Twitter

@LifeDelish - "I’m in love with your menu! Seared west coast albacore tuna burger = YUM!"

Best of Pemberton 2011 | Pique Newsmagazine

Best New Business -Have you ever eaten a hot dog made of real beef? How about one made of beef raised just down the road? All this and more is available at the Mile One Eating House, located at the recently opened Pemberton Gateway Village Suites Hotel, the one with the clock tower as you arrive into town. The Mile One Eating House is already a huge hit, serving up dishes such as gourmet burgers made with Pemberton Natural Beef, designer mac-n-cheese and a Philly cheese steak. Other mentions here included Western Promises Food and the Blackbird Bakery, which won the Best New Restaurant category last year.

Best New Restaurant - We love the oxymoronic motto of this new and excellent Pemberton café. Billing its grub as “accelerated slow food,” Mile One got many-a-mention through our other categories as well. Besides the obvious – they serve gourmet burgers and hot dogs made with Pemberton Natural Beef, designer mac n’ cheese for grown-ups as well as kids, poutine, sandwiches, cheese steaks, beer, and wine – owners Randy Jones and Cindy Yu abide by the following honest, cross-your-heart-and-spit rules of the table: We take comfort food seriously; We believe the food you eat ought to be as genuine as the people you share your table with; Our menu respects the ingredients, the producers and the land that make it up; A hard-earned hunger deserves good, clean food; Made with care; Dished straight-up, every time.

Their other motto is Get Well Fed. Who’s going to scoff at that?

Best Burger – Like the steak category, Best Burger is one that comes with its fair share of complicated judging criteria. Tender but not too pink; soft but not too sloppy; meaty, but with a perfect balance of condiments and garnish. Then there’s the bun – overlooked by some but hardly an insignificant piece of the puzzle. To master all these complicated elements is an accomplishment many a backyard grill amateur spends a lifetime perfecting. If you don’t want to wait that long, head over to Mile One and get yourself a goodie with all the fixins.’

Mile One Brings the Hundred Mile Diet to the Table | Choose Pemberton

Chef Randy Jones and his wife Cindy Yu opened Mile One Eating House  in Pemberton, they hit the refresh button on a host of diner classics, bringing their fine dining foodie ways “down home” to suit Pemberton to a tee. So, what does happen when fine dining comes down to earth? You get a gourmet mac’n’cheese selection that makes established culinary columnists swoon, steak and beer dinner specials for $15, and the all-natural Pemberton Meadows Natural Beef Burger Collection and house “This is a Potato” Yukon Gold Potato Wedges.

Fabulous Food and Breathtaking Adventures in Sunny Pemberton | BC Living

After our trail ride we headed back to town for lunch and made our way to Mile One Eating House. I hadn't realized that Pemberton was such a hot spot for locavores, and Mile One’s owner, Randy Jones, is one of them. Jones is passionate about responsibly-sourced, local ingredients – like the west coast tuna for my sandwich, the venison for my husband’s mac and cheese, and the Pemberton Meadows Natural Beef in all of the delicious burgers. Mile One also has a retail area with local products like birch syrup, birch BBQ sauce, and local salt from the Vancouver Island Salt Co..

Mile One Eating House | Tourism Pemberton

Mile One Eating House opened its doors in March 2011 and quickly became an instant hit with residents of Pemberton and visitors.  They serve up the best burgers in Pemberton which are made using local Pemberton Meadows Natural Beef.  Make sure you try the Hillbilly Deluxe burger complete with cheese curds, blue buck braised onions and venison chorizo!


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