Mile One Eating House Kimchi Reuben

The Rules of Our Table

We take comfort food seriously.
We believe the food you eat ought to be as genuine as the people you share your table with.
Our menu respects the ingredients, the producers, and the land that make it up.
A hard earned hunger deserves good, clean food.
Made with care.
Dished straight up, every time.

The Food

Mile One is known for its hard-working marriage of sophisticated fine dining, regionally inspired, British Columbian cuisine, and an accelerated slow food styling.

Signatures of the house include natural beef burgers, a mac 'n’ cheese line-up, slow roasted brisket and pork belly sandwiches, and the Local's favourite, Chicken Parm.

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Comfort Food

Comfort food gets a bad rap. But in the right hands, with the right ingredients, stodgy does not enter the equation. The people who live in Pemberton - the farming community, the tradespeople, the young families, the hospitality commuters to Whistler, are genuine and hard working. So is our food. The menu offerings are things that everyone can relate to. Not fancy or pretentious, just good ingredients, cooked fresh for a good feed. 

Natural Beef

The meat we source is hormone, steroid, and antibiotic free. The cattle live a good life outdoors together in the wide open pastures which generally means that the meat is leaner and tastier! Their winter feed is home grown and free of additives. Knowing all this, we've deliberately kept our burger patties without a trace of any fillers or seasonings... it's all natural beef and it can stand on its own without the smoke and mirrors.

Honour the Spud

Don’t ask for fries here. West Coasters are an active and health conscious lot, with an ever growing focus on quality produce and whole foods. We've made a deliberate decision not to use any kind of deep frying processes in our kitchen. It’s only appropriate in the Seed Potato Capital of North America that we honour the spud. Our Yukon Gold potato wedges are roasted to maintain that creamy, rich flavour.

They Say

Mile One Eating House

(604) 384-3842
7330 Arbutus Street
Pemberton, BC

11 AM to 8 PM daily

Take Out
Extensive Patio Dining
Limited Indoor Dining
Inspired Groceries In The Market

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